Blooming (& Yawning) Weekend

Two things getting me through the day light savings time adjustment:

1) All the blooms in Greensboro! Daffodils, tulips, cherry trees and linten roses are all over my house. I recommend cutting as many as you can (legally, ya’ll) and bringing them into your home! I purchased some at the farmers market and cut many straight from my backyard. It’s brought new life to my house and is such a cheerful setting to wake up to.

2) Speaking of waking up! I recently purchased a Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine from Williams Sonoma and it has changed. my. life. I know, it’s a little indulgent, but think about how much you might spend buying a couple lattes a week out! This little machine can crank out a hot cup of espresso in less than 2 minutes and you feel like you’re your own barista! So civilized, I must say. Enough of the promotion – I’m just saying it’s made waking up such a pleasure – a homemade hot latte is only better when you have a dog in the bed with CBS Sunday morning on the tube.

One of my new favorite blogs, Note to Self (another southerner!), really makes a point today. 

Outside of all the blooms and morning jolts of caffeine, I spent my weekend at the farmer’s market picking up goodies and scouting ideas for my April column (send ideas!). I made a sort-of-Irish meal for some friends on Saturday night – hamburgers with local beef from Rothchild’s Angus Farm (no pink slim on Mendenhall), homemade baked potato chips, grilled onions and a Frozen Grasshopper Pie (no pinching either). We scarfed down our burgers and green ice cream and crashed early while the rest of Greensboro made jolly with green beer.

Here are some photos from my quiet weekend. I’ll post a few new recipes this week.

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