Food Truck Rodeo in Durham, of course.

This morning my phone buzzed with an Outlook calendar reminder that said “Food Truck Rodeo – Location: Durham – of course.” It’s a common joke between many of my friends that if something hip is going on – it’s probably in Durham. I know, I’m supposed to be a cheerleader for Greensboro (it’s my full time job to do so) but I also believe that it’s our responsibility as community leaders is to call ourselves out from time to time. Food trucks aren’t only fun – they have the capability to leverage creativity, entrepreneurism and a more thriving food culture (not to mention attracting young professionals) – yet, they aren’t permitted in Greensboro’s center city. Just sayin.

Luckily, it was a beautiful day in North Carolina because lines were long at the Food Truck Rodeo in downtown Durham. Over twenty trucks came to Durham Central Park – everything from pretzels to dumplings. The trucks attracted hundreds of folks from all walks of life. We waited more than an hour to get a Korean BBQ burrito from Bulkogi Korean BBQ Truck and then lounged on the lawn in the sun. After an amazing Chocolate Stout Loco Pop, we walked to the downtown skatepark to watch kids in play.

A fun field trip and reminder that we have plenty of work to do in our hometown. I’d be happy to take any Greensboro elected official on my next field trip to see what’s happenin’ just east of here.

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  1. when are they getting to Greensboro? Downtown would be so awesome at Lunch time for a gathering like this!! wouild love to see this here some day.. Charleston has a growing Food Truck Rodeo Scene I follow!

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