“L’arte di non fare niente” – My Weekend Post

You know what I did this weekend? I sat in this chair by the fire for many, many hours. In between, I cooked some meals, sipped espresso and helped entertain my Mom and her friend Debbie by changing the Pandora station. I know – I lead a hard life. I did, however, make some interesting new meals that I can’t wait to share with you! Friday night I made my own Pretzel Rolls – which were the biggest surprise of the weekend. These will be a staple on Mendenhall from here out – so easy yet so uniquely delicious! I’ll post the recipe this week and you MUST try them!

My seat next to the fire was just what I needed. My life can often be chaotic (and it’s self induced!). I run from one thing to the next and I’ve become accustom to it. And while a sprint can be productive – a jog or walk always gives time to take in the scenery. The Italians have a phrase – “L’arte di non fare niente” – which means “the art of doing nothing” (for those who didn’t read Under the Tuscan Sun). I’m not sure I’ll ever master that art but I sure enjoyed trying this weekend.

Recipes soon!


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