Massey Creek Chili Wins by a “Lamb”Slide

Salutations, after a very busy weekend. I say “salutations,” as Charlotte, the spider, greeted Wilber, the pig, in one of my favorite childhood books, Charlotte’s Web. Winning the Greensboro Farmer’s Chili Challenge sort of reminded me of the fair in Charlotte’s Web. I mean that in a fun spirited way –  can’t you hear that goose singing “A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord?” It also reminds me of how our city can feel more like a village when it comes to supporting efforts we hold true and dear.

It took a village to win the Challenge – so thanks to everyone who pitched in from helping make all the chili Friday night to coming out to vote Saturday morning. It was wonderful seeing so many of my friends, co-workers and readers at the market. I also can’t thank the McCollum Family at Massey Creek enough for all their enthusiasm, pep and support of the competition. They truly feel like family now.

Most importantly, through our promotions, we were able to highlight the good work of both the Greensboro Curb Market and Massey Creek Farms. All the proceeds of the competition will leverage the marketing of the Market – bringing more faces to the market and dollars to all of our hardworking local famers and food producers. And while this blog can be naturally self-indulgent from time to time, I hope it can be a form of Charlotte’s Web for our community – shining light on all that is “terrific,” “radiant,” and “humble” in our region.

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