Merry Mullet Mania

There is nothing more merrier (to me) than mullet  on the Gulf Coast of Florida. As my grandfather says,”its an acquired taste.” Not many folks outside of Northwest Florida would indulge in such a cheap and pungent fish. Mullet was my favorite food growing up (I once ate the last mullet dinner Cedar Key, FL as a child) and I continue to indulge everytime I’m home in Florida. This Christmas, I had both fried mullet on the Withlachoochee River at my grandfather’s house and smoked in the backyard at my parent’s home.

Here are some Instagram photos (follow me at ModonMendenhall) I took between Inglis, Florida and Gainesville, Florida on a road trip my cousin Alina and I took  in my Mom’s red VW convertible and my Dad’s backyard smoking operation. 85 degrees and sunny on Christmas is hard to beat. And, so is Gulf Coast mullet. I won’t share the family recipes because I’m sure you won’t dare try it.




  1. Northeast FL, too. My mom & family are from the New Symna Beach area. I would go down to the docks with my grandmother to get the delicacy of mullet roe right off the boat. Thanks for the memories! If anyone is ever heading down I–95 in Florida, Parks Restaurant near Daytona Beach serves mullet dip w every meal.

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