Birthday Love

Yesterday marked the countdown to 30 – my 29th birthday! I took the day off to relax and play – which included some shopping, a pho lunch, a crazy Living Social massage/sauna adventure (which brought a new view on a “low” oven of 160 degrees) and an incredibly fun birthday celebration with many of my favorite people. Words don’t describe how amazing my friends are (both near and far) so I won’t attempt to conjure up a synopsis of their skills, and talents or measure their impact on our communities and our lives. To sum it up, they make an incredible mark on my life and my birthday is another reminder of it.

Over many pizzas and many many (count that many) glasses of wine at Sticks & Stones (nope! I did not cook!), I made everyone jump into my iPhone IncrediBooth for a quick snapshot. These photos make me so happy. When we’re 80 we’ll they will be glad I forced everyone to document our fun times. Thank you all for your well wishes. I’m looking forward to making 29 the best year yet.


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  1. Happy Birthday! if I had known I would have made you something…Oh wait!…I DID! It is pictured on my blog. Okay I did it earlier! So…I wasn’t late! Don’t be shy now…ya hear?!

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