Sauteed Broccoli with Lemon, Garlic, Chile and Pine Nuts

Sauteing broccoli is by far my favorite way to prepare it. My father started preparing broccoli this way when I was high school and I havent changed my ways since. In fact, I made this last night for myself! We sautéed broccoli spears in olive oil with a smash whole clove of garlic (you could use garlic olive oil too) – at about medium high until bright green, tender and caramelized. We added red chili flakes, lemon zest and pine nuts (which toasted while the broccoli cooked). There are no exact measurements for this recipe.  Actually, we didn’t cook from recipes at our Off Mendenhall Cooking Class – we just relied on tasting and experimenting through the lesson – which is how I prefer to cook.

This recipe can be adapted with other seasonings or flavors. It is a great side – or add a couple of Italian sausages and throw it over pasta!


  1. hmmmm…I have those exact ingredients awaiting me at home. Last year I was all about roasting broccoli but I got kind of tired of that (plus the smell can just be too much sometimes)–think I’ll move on to sauteing. Thanks for posting!

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