Chorizo and Brussels Sprout Skewers

I got quite a bit of push back when I told my friends I was going to make skewers of brussels sprouts for the ladies in the Elmwood Garden Club. There were some misconceptions of what the final product would be – including a fair amount of exaggeration – I’ll spare the details. With the goal of highlighting fall’s best produce, I had to include brussels sprouts in the menu. They have such a bad wrap and I adore them. I love roasted brussels sprouts with pecans and bacon but I needed something to hold up on a skewer, so I chose Portuguese sausage (you could also use chorizo). I roasted the skewers (brussels sprouts halved with a slice of sausage) with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper on 400 until tender. Don’t over cook them or they will fall off the skewer!

These were so good I converted another brussels sprout hater.

One comment

  1. There was actually someone there who had not eaten a brussel sprout for 35 years and these skewers cured his phobia…and look how beautiful they are!!

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