Moscow Mules & Presbyterians

It was a quiet and uneventful weekend on Mendenhall as I prepped (and stressed) over the week ahead. In between lists and schedules, I took the time to relax and enjoy the weather and the extra time for simple cooking and cocktails. I’ve been craving real ginger ale since we drank spicy Jack and Gingers in San Francisco at Dosa. I found Blenheim Ginger Ale at The Fresh Market after seeing it featured in this past month’s Bon Appetit. I was sold after noticing that is it made in South Carolina! Blenheim is a bit more expensive than the regular sweet stuff but I can’t resist the spicy flavor and bright pink cap on the bottle.

We made Moscow Mules and Presbyterians on Saturday night to go along with Spicy Coffee Rubbed Burgers and the best Baked Fries. I’ll post those recipes this week.

Moscow Mule: Vodka, Ginger Ale and Lime

Presbyterian: Whiskey and Ginger Ale


  1. I re-launched the Moscow Mule in ’93 for Smirnoff while I was working at BFG…best served in a frosted copper mug. I’ll see if I can dig out a spare from my “portfolio” box.

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