Southern Sunday Supper in San Francisco

I’m taking a break this week from blogging as a result of slacking off and indirect schedule adjustments from Hurricane Irene (none of which I’m complaining about). In lieu of any new recipes, I thought I’d share some photos sent to me by my good friends Michael and Tommy in the Mission District of San Francisco. They treated their friends to a Southern Sunday Supper this weekend with recipes from Mod Meals on Mendenhall! While I hated not being their to enjoy the cooking and eating, I was happy to hear how much of a success it was – and how delicious the leftovers were.

Lots of cooking is in the works for Labor Day weekend. I look forward to reporting next week! Until then, enjoy your long weekend, the hint of fall weather in the air and any kitchen time you have over the holiday!

Southern Sunday Supper in San Francisco

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