Andy’s “Recipe” aka Southern Comfort Punch

This sticky concoction of a punch is a diabetic’s nightmare. It is irresistible and dangerously deceiving. “The Recipe,” as we call it, was given to us several years ago by a friend who is known for her wild parties. We served it at a Dining for Friends party three years ago and hadn’t been able to touch it since (our doctors were thankful).  We broke it out again this weekend to fit the Southern theme of the evening. As usual, it went down fast despite our warnings.

After a couple of glasses no one could believe that we had used a full handle of 100 proof Southern Comfort (we made a double batch). Here is the recipe to prove it.

Andy’s “Recipe” aka Southern Comfort Punch

  • 1/2 gallon Southern Comfort 100 proof
  • 1 and 1/2 cans orange juice concentrate
  • 3 cans lemonade concentrate
  • 3 liters club soda
  • lots and lots of ICE
The key to this recipe is NOT to make the concentrated juices. Mix the first 4 ingredients together, stir and serve over a full glass of ice.


  1. i agree w/ chris (excellent photo, pants in particular bring fond memories of southern living). and dear mmom fearless leader, lemme tell you – i sho’ could use a glass (or 3) o’ this punch today. sho’ could. lhm. (lordhavemercy)

  2. This is wonderful beat the heat summer time drink!!! It is now posted to my favorites and it will be used often!! :):)

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