Celebrating MMoM’s Second Blogiversary

This weekend many of my friends gathered on Mendenhall to celebrate two years of Mod Meals on Mendenhall. Despite the 95 degree temperatures, we celebrated in style with Southern Sips and Snacks made from North Carolina’s freshest ingredients. I spent my long weekend pickling, frying and cleaning to prepare. While it was a lovely gathering to celebrate the successes and milestones of my hobby – it was also a fun way to thank my friends who have supported me and leveraged MMoM over the last two years.

I have really great friends. I’ve said this a thousand times in a variety of ways but the realization of this is both constant and evolving. They are the anchor to my happiness. My friends are talented and productive – they are changemakers and advocates making our community richer and our state more fair and attractive. My friends are creative and kind – creating MMoM’s new logo and connecting my blog to reach thousands through their connections (Freshly Pressed on WordPress.com allowed MMoM to reach an all time high of 2,000 + hits on Saturday). My friends are generous and thoughtful – creating and shipping custom party playlists across the country, pickling until pruney, and most modestly schlepping bags of ice over to Mendenhall to keep us all cool in the 95 degree heat.

I had a sharp realization this weekend of the importance of this blog in my life. For us passion seekers (I know many of you are), we tend to believe that we can become fulfilled by every component of our lives at every moment. Throughout the last few weeks in an effort to have my cake and eat it too, I found (again) that I can’t. But I can seek out every moment to fill (and supplement) my life with happiness in meaningful ways – and be intentional about not feeling guilty for it. I’m not suggesting compartmentalizing happiness (or irrational thrill seeking!) but rather viewing balance in a much more realistic way.  I’m letting the world know this because it is working. My mid-summer self gap analysis in 2009 led me create a this blog for a reason – to be human and to be fulfilled outside the workplace. I’m so glad I did it.

This isn’t a self-help blog – just merely a reflection. Putting it purely, I am grateful for food, friends and your willingness to continue digesting my words. Now to the menu. I’ll post the recipes during the next few weeks.

Second Blogiversary Southern Sips and Snacks

  • Andy’s “Recipe” aka Southern Comfort Punch
  • Fried Chicken with Horseradish Sour Cream Sauce
  • Summer Heirloom Tomato and Basil Sandwiches
  • Picked Summer Vegetables
  • Farmers Market Cantaloupe with North Carolina Country Ham
  • Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs
  • Blue Cheese with Savannah Bee Honeycomb
PS: Much is planned for the third year of MMoM. I’ll be submitting a monthly article for the Savor Section of the Greensboro News & Record and teaching a cooking class (won by some brave folks at the Guilford Green Foundation gala) later this month. With the help of my kind friend John, I’m reaching new audiences and hoping to gain enough readers to start supplementing some of my blogging costs through (hopefully) tasteful advertisements. So keep spreading the word. I look forward to reporting as they progress!


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