Final Day in SF: SFAI, Food Trucks & Southern Exposure

Final Day in San Fran:

A full day of views and conversations at the San Francisco Art Institute. Lunch provided by Zella’s Soulful Kitchen. The best meyer lemon and couscous salad while gazing at boats on the bay.

Ended the day at Southern Exposure for their Cries of San Francisco installation and a chilly outdoor block party with a selection of San Fran’s  food trucks. A shout out to my favorite artists Nathaniel Parsons as HA HA LA, Veronica Graham as Camoufleur and inspiring Jeremiah Jenkins as Support Services (please come to Greensboro for an Elsewhere residency)! 

Chairman Boa Truck steamed pork belly buns, CurryUp Now Tikka Masala Burrito and lots of Harrington Pinot Noir. Track them down next time you are in the Bay Area.

No doubt, this was a highlight of my trip and a wonderful finale.

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