A Sors: by Julio César Morales and Max La Rivière-Hedrick

A Sors was a culinary adventure I was able to experience while in San Francisco with the Warhol Initiative. Artists, Julio César Morales and Max La Rivière-Hedrick, write about the inspiration for this project on their blog, Engine 43.  I did my best to document the evening with my new friends from MACLA in San Jose and the Diaspora Vibe Gallery in Miami, FL. The dinner, accompanied by organ, in a large rosy Masonic Lodge was something to remember. Full of food, incense, rose petals and libations. Enjoy the photos and menu below.  And, make sure to check out the other dinners curated on Engine 43.

More photos from the evening are posted on the Mod Meals on Mendenhall Facebook page.

A SORS: A project by ulio César Morales and Max La Rivière-Hedrick, with Norma Listman for the Warhol Initiative.

Sounds by Great Willow & Mark Bruce

The Masonic Lodge at the Regency Center, San Francisco, California

Moorish: Mezcal Pierde Almas, Ethiopian coffee honey, bitter almond tincture. Orange flower mist, star anise

Spanish: Fava beans, almonds, fresh herbs, chiles, lime. Cannon fire, roses, toasted almonds.

French: Asparagus, curly endive, avocado, bacon, poached egg. Salt, yerba buena.

Mexican: Earth roasted goat with drunken, raw and prickly pear sauces. Soil, burnt corn threads.

Hungarian: Apples, bread, milk, eggs, sugar, goat milk caramel. Fire, coffee, cognac.

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