A San Francisco Treat

This past week I was treated to an amazing experience in San Francisco. When my friends, George and Stephanie from the Andy Warhol Foundation funded Elsewhere, invited me to the Warhol Initiative Conference I knew karma was good. I’m also a believer that hard work and commitment comes full circle. Without hesitation, I accepted their offer. And if it couldn’t get any better, my oldest friends (and family), Michael, Tommy and Allison, and Alina, happened to all be living in the Bay area. I came out early to spend a couple of days exploring and visiting. My trip was packed mostly with amazing food – but also with so many special new and old friends and incredibly unforgettable experiences. Four days with Andy Warhol Foundation funded artists and administrators is not only wild but extremely humbling.

Words won’t do this experience justice. I’m just too grateful to try to describe it – and maybe a wee bit jet lagged.  So, I’ll share photos and links this week.

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