Sunday Supper with Aida

Tonight I had dinner with one of my oldest Greensboro friends, Aida, who now lives in Washington D.C. Aida is one of the special friends in my life that never seems to fade. She has lived all over the world in the last few years – yet we always pick up as if we’ve seen eachother just the day before. Ultimately, she knows all my dirty secrets (please no solicitations).

Aida is a great cook and has a similar style of adventure and improvisation in the kitchen.  After taking an exercise class yesterday, we chatted about putting together a Sunday Supper to end the weekend and exchange final bits of gossip before she headed back north. We skipped all serving utensils and ate off of communal plates of salad and grilled fish. Both dishes were extremely fresh and simple – each with a nice kick from chili flakes. They paired extremely well with cold Vinho Verde. I’ll post the recipes this week – and keep our gossip between us.

  • Gazela Portuguese Vinho Verde
  • Grilled Trout over Fennel, Lemon and Chilis
  • Grilled Broccoli and Bread Salad with Pickled Onions and Pine Nuts
  • Raspberry Sorbet




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