Shrimp in Endive with Pickled Onion and Blue Cheese


….I won’t lie, I was a little suspicious of the combination of flavors in this little snack. I just made it up because I thought it would look pretty.

….One more confession, I never actually tried it. I had a surprise filling at the dentist office that afternoon and didn’t taste any of the snacks served at my party.

…But from the sound of the eaters, it must have been somewhat successful. And they were really beautiful – in a Miami Vice hors d’oeuvres sort of way.

I’m a bit crazy over pickled onions right now after rediscovering them in a simple salad while visiting Charleston. I also love this easy and quick method out of pickling and canning.

Quick Pickled Red Onion: Bring 3/4 cup white vinegar with 3 tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and about 4 juniper berries to a boil. Add a half red onion, sliced thin. Simmer for about 30 seconds, remove from heat and allow to cool. Transfer to a jar and keep cool. They will last about a month – but I’d use them within the week!

For this hors d’oeuvre, I topped an endive leaf with a poached shrimp, a small tab of good blue cheese and a couple slivers of pickled onion. The bright pink of the onion is incredible!!

Again… these photos were taken by the talented Elsewhere Documentarian, Nora Hoover. I need a serious lesson from her – the photos are lovely.


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