Infused Cocktails

It is hard to have a typical wine and cheese party when you are hosting a gathering at Elsewhere. Considering this, I thought it might be fun to make two artisan beverages. While in Charleston I discovered what I think will be this summer’s most popular liquor – Domaine de Canton – which is ginger liquor I’m seeing popping up everywhere. The folks at Husk, in Charleston, martinated strawberries in Domain de Canton and black pepper and topped them with Champagne – no complaints. I replicated this drink and frankly forgot the pepper. It was still just as good.
Photo by Nora Hoover of Elsewhere

For a non alcoholic beverage, I adapted the recipe for Lemongrass Lime-leaf Soda in this May’s Bon Appetit Magazine.

I couldn’t find kaffir lime leaves at Super G (I probably wasn’t looking in the right spot) but added more lime zest to make up for it. The drink was surprisingly refreshing and absolutely interesting! I highly recommend it for your next tea party or baby shower!

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