Cooking and Cocktails Elsewhere

I’m not one to talk about faith. Generally speaking because the Americanized influence on the word has really given it a bad rap (in all honesty). So, I typically try to stay away from that sort of jargon. But when it comes to my dedication to a small emerging artist collaborative tucked away south of the railroad tracks on Elm Street in Downtown Greensboro – the word really does give my commitment to Elsewhere some clarity. Lately, I’ve found myself using the word when referencing Elsewhere and finding it amusing. I have confidence, based on what some would call little proof, that it’s growing national and international notoriety will have a transformative impact on our transforming city. Through their museum, events, and artist residency they bring life, energy, and a cultural anchor to South Elm Street. I’m overwhelming (and often) amazed by their vision, innovation, creativity and persistence. So much that I’ve decided to dedicate a portion of my free time to helping them out this year – working on boring (but crucial) things like capacity building and organizational development.

Part of the fun is inviting my friends into the space to  meet the Elsewherians and see what it is all about. This past Thursday I invited some of my favorite female movers and shakers for a drink and snack after work at Elsewhere. With the help of Elsewhere’s Head Honcho of Comfort Rebecca Henderson, we assembled a beautiful display of artisan snacks and champagne cocktails. I’ll share the recipes this week.

Before I share the menu for this party, I’ll do a brief commercial for Elsewhere. This coming Friday, May 6th they are inviting the public into their kitchen for a PICNIC – which cleverly stands for Partners in City, Neighbors in Community. If you are interested in learning more about Elsewhere and getting to know my friends down on South Elm, I highly encourage you attending. They will have food, Natty Greene’s Beverages and will be orchestrating a grassroots grantmaking session for start-up community based projects. A small fee for a really amazing experience.

Some of the better photos I’ll be sharing were taken by Elsewhere’s Documentarian, Nora Hoover. You can see her talent on her site here.

Photo by Nora Hoover of Elsewhere

Elsewhere Artist Collaborative Cocktail Party Menu:

  • Champagne with Domaine de Canton Marinated Strawberries
  • Lemongrass, Lemon and Lime Soda
  • Port marinated Cantaloupe with Country Ham
  • Artichoke and Caper Crostini
  • Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese rolled in Tortilla
  • Shrimp in Endive with Pickled Onion and Blue Cheese



  1. Thanks for posting this! Until today, I had no idea what Elsewhere was all about. I’m happy to discover something in Greensboro that was a mystery until now.

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