April (thunder)showers.

Somewhere between the April (thunder)showers, the tremendous failure of a craft project (see before/after photos), a late night trip to the emergency vet and the consumption of an entire delivery pizza (over many meals – breakfast included), I found some time on Mendenhall to relax, recharge and spend some time in the kitchen. I assembled a guava and cream cheese pastry (surprisingly) perfectly before my good friend Masha and I spent three hours putting together some beautiful yet dysfunctional party invitations (I’ll share the recipe tomorrow, stop gripping about the invite and stay in the kitchen and out of crafts from now on).  Saturday morning I explored the Super G Mart stocking up on produce, nuts and gummy bears to sustain my quiet weekend on Mendenhall with an Asian Noodle Salad, Grilled Chicken Satay and reading snacks. A busy week is ahead but hopefully with fewer storms.

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