Andy’s Moroccan Meze

When my friend Andrew showed up to Mendenhall Street with two Southern Season bags we knew he had been cooking all day. Actually he had been shopping at Nordstrom and stopped by Southern Season for the appetizers. Luckily, Southern Season is well equipped for any non-cook charged to bring Moroccan appetizers to a dinner party. And, Andrew is a fantastic shopper with exquisite taste. He came with a variety of goodies from Moroccan black olives and humus to a yogurt & herb cheese, crackers and wine from “close enough to Morocco.” I particularly liked his reasoning for not bringing a Moroccan wine and opting for the geographically close country of France. We enjoyed numerous bottles of Laurent Miquel Syrah Grenache which paired well with the bold flavors of the evening. Snacking on these treats gave me just enough time to cook the couscous and roast the cauliflower. And, enough was leftover to snack on at midnight after too much wine and dishes still leftover to wash.

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