Bachelor Cooking Class: Bringing it Back to Basics with Rice

My good friend Jeb recently bought a new home with a spacious kitchen and a even more spacious refrigerator (you could hide at least two bodies inside it). If you know Jeb, you know that the only thing inside that big ole fridge of his – are pizza boxes and beer. So for his birthday I decided to have him over for a little cooking lesson. Jeb’s favorite foods are ginger and potato chips, so I thought a lesson in stir-fry would be fitting. And while we were chopping chili peppers and ginger root, I realized that Jeb probably needed a quick lesson in rice before we got any farther.

I can only make two points about rice. Both are important to me – only one is crucial.  

1. The secret to good rice is – buying good rice. I buy long grained special basmati rice in bulk at Costco – and I think it makes all the difference. I recommend sharing it with a friend – as 20 pounds of rice can last you nearly a lifetime (and is completely insane plus embarrassing for a single person).

2. When I told Jeb that if he wanted one cup of rice he needed two cups of water. He asked, “what if I want two cups of rice?”  It is a 2 to 1 ratio – and I tend to be scant on the water so it isnt too wet.



  1. um, this might be one of the cutest pictures of jeb i’ve ever seen. actually brought a tear (just one but still!) to my eye! wish we could’ve been there to help celebrate the birthday and give our advice on rice – buy a rice maker. 😉 -hh

  2. That rice was ten times better than cold pizza. I might start eating it with every meal. Thanks for the lesson!

  3. love it! making the world a better place, one cook…and one cup of rice….at a time. congrats to jeb!

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