Springing Forward

With all this Spring weather it is really hard to commit myself to blogging!

This weekend couldn’t have been more springlike as we sprung forward into daylight savings time – meaning extended afternoon dog walks and the beginning of al fresco meals. The first of many tulips opened up in the backyard – a hue of purple and pink (a little like the color on the salmon I grilled on Sunday night).

Over the weekend, I enjoyed casual meals with friends – including a French themed potluck at my friends Masha and Aaron’s house with my new friend (and excellent cook) Adrienne. We enjoyed homemade crepes, an onion tart, a variety of vegetables from beets to haricot vert and homemade beignets! What a joy to share such fun food!

I finished off my weekend grilling lemon and fresh oregano marinated salmon to top a homemade cesar salad with freshly baked croutons – accompanied by a mixture of iced red zinger tea and apple juice. A quiet night cooking on my own (dog by my side) in a warm and blooming backyard…my  “Sunday Kind of Love.”

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