Comfort Food Cuban Style

The day after Christmas in Florida was brutally cold and wet which cancelled all of our plans for outside activities. My sister and Dad’s ADD was terribly evident when their fishing plans were cancelled (my Mom and I were not far behind). With nothing else to do, my Dad and I decided we would test his new video camera out and make a home cooking show! From what I know the show is still being edited but once it is complete I’ll build up the nerves to post it on MMoM. It is sure to be embarrassing and cause many joke among my friends and readers (as all home movies promise to do).

We chose one of my family’s favorite comfort foods – Cuban Pork Roast for our major motion picture. Partly because I’ve been craving this menu for weeks, partly because pork loin was on sale at Publix and partly because this roast has very few ingredients and steps for us novice film makers.  I’ve already posted these recipes before but I couldn’t resist sharing these new photos and reminding you of a few of my favorite recipes.

Comfort Food Cuban Style Menu:


  1. i’ll also vouch for this meal, although i almost killed myself one trying to recreate it due to red wine vinegar fumes which was largely my own fault b/c i decided we needed 3 (yes 3) big bottle of red wine vinegar “just in case” we needed to cover the roast. don’t ask me where i come up with these crazy ideas.

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