Holiday Festivities and My Holiday Fondue Party

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to celebrate the holiday season at many marvelous parties. My friends throw great parties! What makes them so special, to me, is their diversity. They span counties and zip codes, start in the morning and in the night, serve all kinds of foods, play all types of music and  host all kinds of people . Each with their own flair, we shared food and libations with friends and acquaintances, senators to reality TV stars and everyone in between. And for some reason when my friends and I returned home, we punish ourselves trying to decide what parties were the most fun – and how to define what “fun” at a party really is. Nothing could be more subjective!

I must admit this year that I did have a favorite holiday party (and no, it wasnt the one I’m about to give you the menu from). My favorite party of the year, for reason’s I can’t completely identify, was actually a party that I crashed! My friends would beg to differ as they had passed on an invitation from the hosts (whom I did not know) but I think it is technically still crashing.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why this party made me so happy because I surely did not predict it. Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t know a soul, or that the house was decked from lawn to floor to ceiling in Christmas lights and holiday decor, the pure diversity of the guests, or the loud hip hop and beach music that strung it all together. It may be that the party completely defied everything that Martha Stewart and other celebrity hosts objectify to be successful Christmas parties. Or that amongst all the commotion – there was a unique cohesiveness among everyone and there wasnt a person that wasnt having a fantastic time. And, when the color christmas lights are just as colorful as the crowd – that is no easy task! I stood like a fly on the wall at this party in awe of how the hosts brought the most stereotypically different people together and created an atmosphere in which everyone could be themselves, have a great time and come together while doing it. It made the point, that despite everything that I yammer on about day-after-day – sometimes it comes down to an atmosphere that you just can’t prescribe. And I am convinced that the hosts in Oak Ridge that night may have figured a way to really create “Peace on Earth.”

After attending that party, I decided to take myself out of the running for most fun Christmas party this year. As much as I love to plan and host a party, I needed a break and only wanted to spend a quiet evening home with my closest Greensboro friends by the fire with good food. And for a close crowd of four, cheese fondue by the fire couldn’t be a better menu. I served everything at once and we snacked and drank our way through the evening. I recommend this highly for your next cold night gathering.

Holiday Fondue by the Fire Menu:

  • Assortment of Cured Meats
  • Fennel and Granny Smith Apple Salad
  • Cheese Fondue with Crusty French Baguette with Crisp French White Wine
  • Chocolate Mousse and Champagne

One comment

  1. sorry to miss the fondue + fellowship. christmas central in kentucky…but i think i’ll make it to the end of getting the house ready. cheers!

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