Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck

Lately it seems that the hippest food can only be found roaming the streets of an urban environment – and I’m not referring to any center city hunting. Food trucks are popping up all over the country and seem to be one of the biggest culinary trends these days. So in an attempt to stay somewhat fresh, I set out to experience a bit of the hype while in Washington D.C. In preparation for the trip I did my homework on the best food trucks in DC and started to follow them all on Twitter. So when our tummies began to rumble after some hardwork (shopping) I only had to break out my iPhone to start the race. With Beth’s GPS  “Gypsy” we jetted across town to the Red Hook Lobster Truck location that they posted on Twitter

The Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck already had a crowd of people when we arrived at their location close to Eastern Market. While there were other things on their menu (including a lesser expensive shrimp roll) the only thing coming out of the truck window was the famous lobster roll. Many of the passer-byers suggested that these lobster rolls were too expensive at $15 dollars a piece – but we didn’t question whether or not to splurge yet agreed it might be a bit pricey for an everyday lunch.  We all counted our cash and bought the $18 Lobster Roll Meal that included Cape Cod Potato Chips and a Maine Root Soda. The hardest decision was what soda to get – with a beautiful selection of Orange Cream, Ginger Ale, Root Beer and Mexi-Cola.

We lounged on the green grass covered in Fall leaves while the sun beat on our faces licking our butter glazed fingers and basking in lobster perfection. The Lobster Roll was worth all $18 and more. Huge pieces of fresh lobster overflowed from the butter doused bun. Next time you are in the District I highly recommend the experience including the race over – it is just as much fun.




  1. What a great post! I can smell and taste the lobster just reading about it. Wonder if I can switch to a lobster bake for tomorrow instead of turkey? Is that too selfish?

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