Cream Cheese and Olive Spread

My friend Beth came in handy last week when I was searching for a new dip or spread recipe that was easy to make and required very few ingredients. That is the trouble with this blogging adventure, sometimes you run out of time, energy, funds and new ideas. Beth is always around to lean on and suggested making maybe the easiest spread ever – Cream Cheese and Olive Spread with Crackers. Amazingly enough, I just told you the recipe! It is cream cheese and chopped up green olives mixed together. Beth recommended adding some olive juice and I forgot – but it still tasted great. I put it into a little mold for kicks – but you certainly don’t have to do that!

It was a big hit for Winston’s birthday party! And later on it continued to be a hit as my friends found it in my fridge and continued to snack on it. It is always the most simple dishes that taste so good.


  1. It’s also good to add very fine onion and hot sauce to the mixture and from into ball and roll in parsley.

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