Blogiversary Celebration on Mendenhall

Friday evening friends flocked to Mendenhall to celebrate the first anniversary of Mod Meals on Mendenhall. After a year of cooking, I thought the only appropriate way to celebrate would be to – cook more! With an ever-growing guest list, I decided to do a French country summer buffet full of seasonal vegetables, simple roasted chickens, French bread, cheeses and some MMoM favorites like tapenade and garlic confit. Everything on the menu was intended to be served at room temperature and I imagined folks diving in like it was meant to be a family style dinner at home. Instead of traditional flower arrangements, I assembled hydroponic lettuces in ceramic pots. The idea came from a showroom my mother visited at the Chelsea Flower Show this spring. It set a casual yet sophisticated feel to the table setting.
As I’ve mentioned previously, Friday evening dinner parties can be challenging so I did a great deal of advanced preparation. As for Friday, I worked a full day (ok, I skipped out at 4:45) and came home to roast the chickens, the tomatoes and eggplants and blanche the asparagus. At 7:30 I was feeling good – changing clothes, chatting with my mom on the phone and thinking to myself how smoothly things were coming along. At exactly 8pm, while whisking the salad dressing and prepping for a photograph, the salad dressing container busted into pieces covering both me and the kitchen with olive oil. Nothing like greeting your guests with your pants rolled up to your calves and glossy toes. Catastrophe aside, the party came together wonderfully and good reviews were given. Here is the full menu:
Blogiversary Celebration Menu:
  • Starters: Blue Cheese Crackers with Pepper Jelly, Cheeses, Garlic Confit and Maldon Salt on Fresh Simple Kneads Baguette.
  • Main Course: Roasted Chickens with Homemade Tapenade, Chilled Asparagus Salad, Roasted Tomatoes & Eggplants and French Potato Salad
  • Dessert: Homemade Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes
John, Friend & Official WordPress Rep

Many MMoM All Stars were in attendance – Tyler / Batchelor Cooking Class Week, Jeb / Manly Enough for Turkey Burgers, Masha /Caremelized UpsideDown Pear Tart – to name a few.  And, it wouldn’t have been an official blogiversary without a representative from WordPress! My friend John happens to work for WordPress and served in the official capacity for the evening. I’m pretty sure John was the only person at the party who had been to a blogiversary party before. Blogiversary virgins or not, I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate this silly milestone with great friends. When someone said last week that they were very “proud” of what I’ve done with this blog I said, “Not much to be proud of but there is always room for celebration.” To another year.  



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