Cucumber Gimlets

I remember growing cucumbers a couple of summers in Florida. We ate cucumbers in just about every fashion you can imagine. Pickles and lots and lots of cucumber, onion and tomato salads. Sadly, I didn’t drink a lot of gin (or any) as a child — and my mother has some weird anxiety about juniper berries — or we could have made some serious cocktails.

This weekend we experimented with Crumpets and Cakes Cucumber Gimlets. We  couldn’t exactly figure out C & C’s proportions, so we pureed about 5 cucumbers, made 2 cups of simple syrup, juiced 6 limes and brought out the gin. I advise you to taste test yourself and adjust to your liking. Also, don’t be afraid to add a little club soda on top – they sure are potent. But, a great summer drink!


  1. so…in the past few weeks, i’ve had the opportunity to try not 1 but 2 cucumber margaritas. i was suspicious but was wrong – they are TASTY. yesterday – we were at mercadito in chicago. here’s their recipe: tres generaciones blanco tequila, cucumber, lemon, hoja santa, cumin salt. the cucumber salt was really the trick that pushed this one over the top (in a good way).

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