Baby Baby Artichokes

I’m sure everyone has those moments when they see something in a magazine and think to themselves that it will be just perfect. Well, “perfect on paper” is more similar to my dating life than my culinary experiments but in this case – this was the situation. I was drooling over Bon Appetites recipe for Roasted Baby Artichokes with Garlic Aioli. Who wouldn’t want Roasted Baby Artichokes? They are cute and small, you don’t have to fool with removing the choke and anything roasted in olive oil and dipped into homemade garlic aioli has to be delicious. Well, these baby artichokes were delicious but the Harris Teeter took “baby” a little too literal and had maybe the smallest artichokes ever. What could have been an appetizer for four turned into a snack for one. So, lesson learned. Some things are only good on paper and ingredients matter – both in boys and recipes.

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