Surprise Con”grad”ulation Weekend

Judy's Surprise Party

This weekend my friends Heather and Becci traveled to Greensboro to surprise our friend Jeb for his Elon Law School graduation. It has been nearly two years since we have all been in the same state and Jeb’s big day was the perfect excuse to reconvene. After a great surprise party at Judy’s house, we spent the remainder of the weekend goofing off, cooking, entertaining and playing with Winston. I, now, have way too many recipes to post – from the Old Fashions at Judy’s house, a squid experiment (minor catastrophe), Food and Wine taco fiesta on Saturday night and a variety of great grilled pizzas outside on Sunday.  In end of school year lingo, the pizzas and tacos were “2Good2BeForgotten” and the squid will certainly be “the road less traveled” moving forward.

Yet, it always seems that the more casual nights spent grazing, cooking and eating al fresco are the ones most enjoyed. After all had quieted down on Sunday, we took off our graduation attire  and lighted the grill. There is no doubt I enjoyed Sunday Supper the most. And, it ended with a completely unforgettable time stuck in a rainstorm after a trip to the Westerwood tree swing. With that said, I’ll post our pizzas this week and will post the other recipes later on.

Thanks HH and BM for visiting! And, congrats again to Jeb!


  1. I ate everything. Including the squid: both grilled and fried. I will admit that the grilled squid was slightly less good than the rest… But without the grilled squid, there would be no squid bodies photos. And that would be a true loss. A delightful weekend! Thanks again to our great hostess and con”grad”s again to Jeb Esq.

  2. Thanks again to you, our hostess extraordinaire, and your adorable sidekick and crumb-picker-upper, “Win”. What a phenomenal weekend…filled with celebrations big and small. Thank you for hosting us–and for filling the weekend with good company and good eats. I loved every bit of it! Well, OK, I didn’t love, love the squid, but my .4 ounces of baby artichokes were pretty tasty! Thank you, thank you.

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