Dining for Friends Garden Party

For the past couple years, my very generous friends and I have combined our energy to host a Dining for Friends party for Triad Health Project. Over the years, we have added more hosts and widened our reach. Every year the party has a different twist. This year I offered my little house and garden. And everyone chipped in – from finding donated kegs, to providing coolers, hanging lights and running errands throughout the week. It takes a village to throw this party!

One thing I did not do was — cook! We learned our lesson years ago and hired a caterer to provide the food. I can’t compliment the Iron Hen enough for their flexibility (you can imagine discussing the menu), creativity and culinary expertise! The food was outstanding! Just like their tagline said – everything was local, fresh and good! (not to mention seasonal). Fava been puree on crostini, fresh strawberries, caprese skewers, pate, huge chucks of the best cheeses, pork loin roasted with figs, orange cupcakes, endive with smoked salmon and more. Everything was rounded out with Andy’s famous punch – The Juice of a Few Flowers.

Thanks for everyone who helped – and came – and most importantly contributed to this cause. We are still counting dollars! I’ll post photos throughout the week from the party!


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