Psilakis’s Greek Salad

I grew up eating a lot of simple Greek salads. Big chucks of cucumber, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, red wine vinegar, feta and some dried oregano. It was a staple on 14th Avenue (my street growing up). Michael Psilakis can make the simplest dish complex. Three kinds of onions! Red onion, scallions, and grilled sweet onions! Shaved fresh fennel! Fresh Dill! Pepperoncini! You name it – he puts it in his Greek Salad recipe. And that doesn’t include the salad dressing….

And so I hate to say it, but Michael’s Greek Salad is not your (or my) Grandmother’s recipe. I recommend it for a special evening  with guests. But I’ll stick to my Grandmother’s recipe for more casual nights.

PS: We marinated NY Strip Steaks in the leftover Red Wine Vinegrette and they were fantastic!

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