Michael Psilakis’s Chicken Souvlaki

Out of all the cookbooks I’ve acquired over the past couple months, I’d recommend Michael Psilakis’s How to Roast a Lamb over all of them. His recipes are authentic, refreshing and complex. The only difficult thing about this book is the number of ingredients he has in his recipes! I made his recipe for Chicken Souvlaki on Friday night and I had to start the cooking process on Wednesday night. The chicken alone required 24 hours of brining and another 24 hours in a marinade. On top of just the chicken, I found myself flipping back and forth through the book to reference recipes for Greek salad, tzaziki sauce and another sauce that I frankly skipped because I was too overwhelmed! At the market, I gave the check out guy a run for his money looking up all the different veggies I was buying. The end result was incredible! Grilled pita bread topped with a hit of garlic in homemade tzaziki, juicy grilled chicken, topped with crisp greek salad and grilled onions. No complaints that night on Mendenhall!

Another reason to purchase this book is to reference the recipes I’ll be writing about this week. I’m way to lazy to type all the recipes in – and I promise this is an investment you won’t regret!

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