Pub Burgers

It is rare that you will find me making a burger at home or ordering it out. But, you can’t avoid a good hamburger when  the weather is right. Last year, I made Giada’s recipe for Italian Pub Burgers and they were a huge hit! I even remember my friend Phil saying “this is the best burger I’ve ever had.” – that always makes a host feel good. You really can’t go wrong with topping a burger with taleggio cheese and fresh basil.

I make two changes to her recipe:

  • I make them normal burger size. Sliders are fun but they require more work and I can never guess how many to make per person.
  • I’m not sure why – in the world – she thinks it is a good idea to pulse the meat in the food processor. This will only make the burgers tough. Process the garlic and parsley in the food processor and then mix the meat, tomato paste and garlic/parsley mix by hand. Don’t over work the meat.

This is my favorite burger recipe – it is not only tasty but an unexpected combination of flavors. I highly recommend it for your next cook out!

One comment

  1. re: pulsing the meat in the food processor. this is a trick that i was taught to get a better texture for meatloaf (which i make with a combo of ground beef, pork and turkey) and it works really well and doesn’t make the meat loaf too tough at all!

    but maybe it’s different w/ grilling? dunno. just sayin’

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