Weekends: What a Dream!

One of my favorite things to do is come up with “parrot phrases” for people. Everyone typically has a phrase they use frequently – and if they were a parrot – they would squawk it over and over again. In all honesty, these phrases can be positive or negative reflections of personalities – so watch out! My friend Stephanie, who is the Collaborative Director at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, functions in a world where dreams are always big. I think that is the secret to her success – and thus Elsewhere’s recent successes. Her parrot phrase is “What a Dream!” In conversation, we typically brainstorm ideas for Elsewhere or Downtown Greensboro and when a particularly good idea is thrown out, Steph always reacts with “What a Dream!”

This weekend when reading the “sad” and “pitiful”messages via social media from friends “stuck” in Europe – I thought – to only be stuck on the European continent with no airline travel – “What a Dream!” But, I have no room for complaints these days. Weekends with the least plans always turn out to be the most fun. Sunny days, evening al fresco meals, life in slow motion – What a Dream.

On Friday evening, I bailed on all my plans and made Pimm’s Cups and Pub Burgers for my friends Larry and Andrew. As delicious as the meal was – the hit was, of course, the frozen tatertots I served alongside. Saturday morning Greensboro Curb Market (a side note: why do Greensborians dress up for the market at 7:30 am?), Saturday night outdoor fiesta across Mendenhall and Sunday morning pots of coffee and fresh egg and goat cheese omelets in the sunshine. Don’t worry folks, we moved a lot in between meals! I’ll post the recipes this week.

PS: My sneaky friends deleted the photos I took of them eating my homemade guacamole Saturday night so I’ll be posting photo adaptations this week – and I’m hoping it will be a successful revenge.

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