Seconds: Resourceful Heather’s Next Day Pasta with Brie and Tomatoes Frittata


This weekend my friend Heather made my recipe for Summertime Pasta with Brie and Tomatoes  for a law school dinner party. She reported that it was highly successful (I don’t think anyone has ever disagreed with this decadent dish). However, she mentioned that she overestimated the amount needed to feed 7 and made a double recipe. Thus, she had leftovers. This is a classic mistake made on Mendenhall!

Give it to Heather to be creative, frugal and resourceful! The next day she turned what could have been boring leftovers to a fancy new dish that could be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  HH, way to go and thanks for sharing!

Resourceful Heather’s Next Day Pasta with Brie and Tomatoes Frittata

 Assembly: The next day after preparing too much Summertime Pasta with Brie and Tomatoes, preheat the oven to 350 and lightly greased a 8×11 glass pan with olive oil spray (grease is likely unnecessary!). Add 2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites to the leftovers, mixed well and baked the whole business for about 45 minutes until no longer wobbly. Let cool a bit and sliced into squares.


  1. it was very, very, very delicious! i wanted to add some sliced chicken sausage and leftover asparagus into the mix but the COS talked me out of it. fair enough but next time i may go for it. we gobbled up the leftovers-made-new for dinner one night and breakfast the next day. having brie at breakfast is a lot like having scallops at lunch – decadently shameful but delightful all the same.

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