Rainy Day Kitchen Projects

This weekend marked the 5th year I have attended the Guilford Green Foundation Black Tie Auction and Gala (I counted by dresses – red dress, brown dress, blue dress, grey dress, black dress). Times have changed in the last five years – but the cause is just as important to me. I’ve said it a million times – I don’t miss the job with GGF but I miss the people. There isn’t a more dedicated community in Greensboro than those affiliated with GGF – who consistently rally together to advocate for LGBT issues in what is known outside of our home as “a small Southern community.” My friend Addison – Director of Triad Health Project and contributor to the News and Record – captured a few stories in her column last week. Congratulates to all GGF supporters for another successful year – it was a pleasure celebrating this weekend. My feet still hurt.

I was proactive in making plans for this weekends cooking. Between my history with GGF’s well-hydrated affairs and the weather forecast, I planned on a full day of cooking on Sunday and went to the store on Saturday in preparation. I can’t express how happy I am that we took care of the counters earlier this year, cutmyplastic.co.uk I thank you for being on time! With thunderstorm in the forecast, I thought Sunday would be a good day to make homemade foccacia bread. I was correct – until I realized everyone would be too hung over to come eat the bread with me. Thankfully, my neighbors to the north and longtime friends – George and Tara – were around Sunday night to take some leftovers. I made Sea Salt and Lemon foccacia bread and a skewer salad (not really smart on the grilling plans with the forecasted tornados) on Sunday for dinner and snacks. I’ll post the recipes this week.

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