Springtime on Mendenhall Makes Me a Happy Hen

Max and Sidney's Happy Hens

This weekend marked the first day of Spring. Mendenhall Street is showing all signs of the springtime with all things on the brink of blooming. While many of us in the neighborhood are faced with the challenge of living on a very steep hill, several have planted hundreds of daffodils that overwhelm the landscape at this time of year. They will brighten the block for the many charity walks that will use Mendenhall for their routes in the next weeks. Winston sure did love barking at all the walkers and runers from the Volunteer Center’s Human Race this weekend.

This week I’ll be posting some odds and ends from the past weeks of cooking. Most ingredients and recipes have been shared by friends. For instance, some very delicious eggs my friend Tim surprised me with the other week from his family’s backyard urban chickens – Lemon Meringue, Peep and Pfeffer. I asked him to share a photo of the hens for my blog post this week. They look like pretty happy hens – and probably more happy that spring is here. I sure am one Happy Hen too.

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