Oscar Night Martinis and Paninis

Out of a couple glamorous things to do on Oscar night in Greensboro, I have found that there is no where I’d rather be than my couch. Last year I started a tradition with my movie-buff friends of enjoying a casual meal in our laps while packed into my tiny tv room. With the causal atmosphere on my side, I think a do-it-yourself approach is the perfect fit with close friends. Ironically, so do our friends at The Kitchn as they posted on “Something for Everyone! Ideas for Dinner Buffet Bars” just yesterday.  

I can’t forget how excited my friend Bruce was last year when he got to make his own personal pizza. He told us the story of his 8th grade birthday party and how they did the very same activity. Sadly, Bruce was in sunny LA with all the stars for Oscar night this year. Bruce, we miss you!

This year I wanted to take advantage of my new panini machine and thought – what could be better than paninis and martinis for Oscar night?! The options for paninis are of course endless. Like my friend Heather mentioned in her Mod Meals from Madison post, her partners Becci says “Sandwich recipes are nothing more than lists.” Hey Becci, do paninis count since they’re hot? Anyway, I arranged a couple options for assembly – meats (turkey and prosciutto), veggies (tomatoes and basil), and spreads (good mustard and homemade tapanade). Make your own “recipe” or “list” and enjoy! I’ll post the recipes for the starter stuffed mushrooms, lemon drop martinis and chickpea salad in the next couple days.


  1. man, the COS is headed out of town thursday morning and i am craving tapanade! what’s your recipe?

    • So love a great Oscar Fest! Brad & I entertained a select group (our den is tiny…TV probably bigger) and served Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rounds, Lemon Sardine Roasted Pepper Crostini, & simple Spaghetti Bowls… with contributions of Edamame Dip from Alice & Mixed Greens with Pumpkin Seeds & Goddess Dressing from Barbara. Of course, Dirty Martinis, Champagne, etc. flowed! Your menu sounds fabo, of course…

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