Kat’s Krispy Kale

The other weekend my friend Kathryn and I made a trip to the Greensboro Curb Market. Getting out of bed in the winter is always more difficult for me so it was nice to have the extra incentive to get to the Market. Kathryn and I are pretty much the complete opposite types of shoppers at the farmers market. I have my eyes on all the bad (good) stuff (breads, cheeses, butters, hams) while Kathryn buys the good (good) stuff – like kale. I walked out spending more than $25… Kat spent .50 cents.

I hadn’t eaten a winter green since the age of seven when my grandmother paid me a dollar to try collard greens. So when Katheryn told me about her Krispy Kale I was very hesitant. Kathryn is in PR so it didn’t take her long to convince me to try it – she claimed that they would taste like potato chips.

This recipe proves the point that anything can taste good with enough olive oil and salt. The kale was good! I’m not sure I’ll be running back each Saturday until Spring investing my quarters in kale. But, if you havent tried it – it is worth your cents.

Whatever you decided to purchase at the Greensboro Curb Market I advise you to get your butt out of bed and get there tomorrow! Maybe… maybe… I’ll see you there.

Kat’s Krispy Kale

from the Feb issue of “Vegetarian Times”

  • 1 lb kale, rinse and patted dry (or a half pound for .50 cents from the farmers market…)
    2 Tbs olive oil
    1/2 tsp (I like more) sea salt

Preheat oven to 325 degrees, coat baking sheet with spray
tear kale into 3 inch pieces, removing tough stems. transfer leaves to bowl
toss kale leaves with olive oil in bowl until well coated. spread on baking sheet and bake 15 minutes. turn kale with tongs and bake 10-15 more minutes until edges are browned and leaves are crispy. sprinkle with salt. serve immediately.


  1. I. am. famous.

    Seriously though, so excited to be a part of MMoM! Now, if I can just get back to Greensboro so we can make another farmer’s market trip…

  2. I love Kale…I never thought about making it in the oven though. I must try that. I tend to use the same ingredients as above, but add balsamic vinegar, corn, and onions and make it up in a frying pan. So good!

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