Spring Fever Dinner Party

We did something right in Greensboro this week to deserve some really beautiful weather this weekend. For the first time in what feels like months, the sun came out and the skies were blue. I took advantage of every moment to be outside. Visiting the Greensboro Curb Market with my friend Kathryn, hosting a small dinner party with my friends Masha, Aaron and Jeb and completing things with an outdoor working brunch (hungover) on Sunday with my fellow board members and staff from Elsewhere Artist Collaborative.

Saturday night almost felt like springtime with tulips on the table although we did have to break out the firewood later in the evening. I think we were all in need of a little (a lot) of wine to celebrate the weather. Dinner couldnt have been easier – herb marinated pork tenderloin, couscous with pine nuts and capers, garlicy sautéed broccolini and Masha’s delicious pear tart for dessert. Stay tuned for the recipes this week.


  1. i was beginning to think that i may perhaps be the only man or women which cared about this, at the very least currently i acknowledge im not weird 🙂 i will make it a point to go and visit a handful of other threads immediately after i get a little caffeine in me, it’s stressful to read with out my coffee, I was up late last evening jamming zynga poker and after downing a few ales i ended up melting away all my zynga poker chips take care 🙂

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