Homemade Hamburger Buns

One request Michael made while I was visiting was that we use his new KitchenAid stand-up mixer. I don’t use my mixer regularly but it is one of those things you aboslutely love when you need it. Since I’m not typically inclined to make sweets, I thought we could try to make hamburger buns to go with the pulled pork BBQ. We used Gourmet magazine’s recipe for Hamburger Buns and it worked very well! They did not rise exactly the way I expected but they turned out to be just the right thing for our pulled pork sandwiches. In my opinion, there isnt anything worse than having too much bread with a sandwich. We added poppy seeds on the top of these buns at Michael’s request and they turned out to be very pretty. I’m jealous that Tommy and Michael are probably eating them as toast this week! 


  1. Come summer, I’m sure that my bread baking boyfriend is going to drag me into the world of homemade hamburger buns. How does the flavor and texture of the homemade bun compare to store bought buns? Is it worth the extra effort?

  2. Hey Audrey, Good to see you today. The buns taste more like yeast than the butter roll you would buy at the store. Also more dense. I think they would be great as toast! But def. different than your normal store bought bun.

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