Long day of cooking over a long weekend.

After a long day of cooking...

My best friend from childhood, Beth, came up from Florida this weekend to visit. Beth is the kind of friend that requires very little when she visits – her only request was to stay the majority of the time in sweatpants and to cook a lot – this was of course not difficult as that is how most of my weekends are spent in the winter! 

We spent half the day shopping for groceries on Saturday – jumping from Earth Fare to Harris Teeter (twice) and Giacamo’s Italian Market (where we also had a delicious lunch). We embarked on cooking around 2:00pm and didn’t get done until nearly 11:00pm! Two batches of garlic confit, one large pot of spaghetti bolognese and a huge flat of tiramisu later – we crashed hoping to sleep well and dream of Anthony Bourdain.I’ll post the recipes and the craziness of the long weekend this week.


    • It was the perfect way to spend a winter weekend! I also got to spend some quality snuggle time with Winston. I think Cecelia and I agree that the confit is well worth all the garlic peeling.

      • Heard you managed to smuggle some back on the plane. You are a clever one. I would never be so lucky. Glad you had fun. I love Greensboro.

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