Holiday Goodness Part 2: Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt and Cocoa Nibs

I make homemade chocolates about every three years because it takes me about three years to forget how much I hate working with chocolate. When a recipe starts with “using a double boiler” I run away screaming. I’ve ruined a fair share of chocolate in my day and I always cringe thinking about running to the store again to get my second batch of ingredients. Luckily this year everything went smoothly – as tedious of a process the whole thing was. I used Ree Drummnd’s (The Pioneer Woman Cooks Blog) recipe for Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt. This recipe has more steps than ingredients but makes a darn good truffle in the end. I made half with Maldon Sea Salt on top and half with Cocoa Nibs. The sea salt ones were a HUGE hit at the party. I saved a stash to bring home and share with my family over Christmas.

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