Merriment on Mendenhall

Saturday night, several of my friends braved the snowy streets for some Merriment on Mendenhall (my friend Addison came up with that little term). To prepare for the night, I cooked for about three days making homemade shortbread cookies, chocolate truffles, fila, sesame noodles, artichoke dip, pimento cheese and ham biscuits (I won’t lie, I didn’t make the biscuits). All the work paid off and everyone left with plenty of calories to last on the icy drive/walk home.

I was sad not to have my Dad around to capture all the moments on film. After one glass of grapefruit punch I forgot I even owned a camera much less wrote a blog…so I have very few photos to share. Over the next couple weeks, I’ll share the recipes from the party.

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