Belated Birthday Posts

I’m one of the lucky few that always get to celebrate their birthday with their family. My birthday typically falls a couple days after Thanksgiving so I try to squeeze in a homemade birthday dinner prepared by my parents over the holiday. Every year I choose something different. This year I asked for fila (also known as dolmas), greek salad and a pineapple cake with 7 minute frosting. I’ll post the recipes for both the fila and birthday cake this week.

Like last week, I’ll probably cut the posts short considering all the Christmas festivities going on. Next week I’ll be back to post on holiday festivities on Mendenhall and soon after with Christmas Eve, Christmas and post Christmas celebrations in Florida.

One comment

  1. i love me some dolmas but have had bad luck making them. grape leaves are tasty eating but surly little suckers to work with. miss you!!!

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