Grilled Rack of Lamb

Every year my family chooses something to eat on Turkey Day in lieu of roast turkey. It varies from year to year depending on where my family celebrates Thanksgiving. We’ve had everything from whole fish baked in salt (fresh from my Dad’s morning trip) in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to big pan seared steaks in Aspen. This year we all agreed that we wanted to have some type of lamb. We threw around the idea of leg of lamb but decided it would be good enough weather in Greensboro to grill racks of lamb. Typical of my Dad’s cooking behavior, he grilled two times as much as we could eat and we spent the rest of the weekend eating leftover lamb chops (I guess I can’t complain about that). In addition, we also prepared one of my favorite meals the next day which included ground lamb (I’ll post next week). By the end of the weekend my sister Maggie and I were singing Lambert the Sheepish Lion throughout the house (if you haven’t seen the cartoon in a while its worth a visit…so catchy).

There isnt much of a recipe to this so I’ll post some pointers.

  • Make sure the meat is at room temperature before you grill it. We set our meat our midday for a 6pm mealtime.
  • While the meat sat out, we covered it in paper towels to make sure the meat was completely dry before we grilled it.
  • We seasoned the meat liberally with salt and pepper – that was it. You could make any sort of rub or sauce but nothing that would cover up the flavor of the lamb.
  • We grilled the lamb meat side down first – for about 10 minutes and then turned for another 10 or so minutes. Take into hand we like our meat medium rare.
  • Finally, like all meat, make sure to let it rest before you slice it.


  1. Great Call. Rack of lamb may be one of my favorite meals. I was wondering if you have a bird pot pie recipe or if you knew of one to dig up. Id like to have a wild game meal for some of our Greensboroans after the hunting season is over in January. Any ideas?

    • A little secret, bird pot pie is my least favorite meal! I’ll have to pass this question on to my Dad who I’m sure will have some ideas. I’ll get back to you.

      • Haha. I like to strike out big. Well what do you think of Venison or other Dove, Duck, and Pheasant dishes? It doesnt get much more local, lean and organic.

      • My friend Patrick was just telling me about grilled dove and I’m very interested. He says they just marinate them and then skewer them 8 long and grill them…

      • I do have a pretty decent Dove recipe. Its the toughest meat of the game birds, so you make a really thick mushroom gravy to mask it and you marinate it for almost a day before that, and you either grill the bird or bake it in the gravy. It turns out for the best.

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