Off Mendenhall – New Bern, NC

This weekend, my best friend from college had a dinner party and served my roast chicken or “Chicken Pants” recipe from July 23rd. From the sound of her email and the looks of her photos it turned out to be a hit. While I was coaching her through a couple steps on Saturday afternoon we remembered that this wasnt the first time Beth prepared this recipe. Many moons ago while we were in college we roasted a chicken together. The only reason we remembered this was because both of us were too squeamish to remove the chicken giblets and had to rely on my roommate (we rationalized this because she was a bio major). It’s been a long time since the days of fearing chicken parts – maybe we’ve both grown up and conquered the fear – or maybe we’re both just wiser and have learned to buy chickens without the guts.


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  1. From off Mendenahll on Parkmont: Cecelia, this is my first visit to Mod Meals on Mendenhall. I love it! Your artichoke 101 made me think of the time years ago that my mother served our family artichokes so all the children would know how to eat them. After dinner, she put all the artichoke leaves in the garbage disposal , which immediately stopped up, quit working, broke. My dad tried to repair, cut his hand, and went to the emergency room for stitches. Quite a night! I can’t wait for my next visit to modmealsonmendenhall.

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