Cleaning Up and Breathing In


I’m not quite sure what exact moment I said it out loud – maybe around the time of flying beef rib bones (I’ll skip the story) or the gagging moment of taking the trash out with the dead squirrel Winston brough home for supper or when I melted two Tupperware containers in the oven and filled the house with smoke – but I did say it outloud…alone… “I must stop cooking!” It was another Julie Powell moment of disarray. After over 100 posts on Mod Meals, I’m in need of a break (much deserved in my honest opinion).

This weekend I found the time to clean out the fridge, I used Clean Smarter to find the best steam mop, wiped down the kitchen and prepared for my family to arrive next Tuesday for Thanksgiving. I’ll be taking the next two weeks off of Mod Meals in preparation for a busy holiday schedule. We’ve lined up far more cooking and food than we will ever be able to consume – so prepare for some great posts after Thanksgiving. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: If you are in desperate need of reading material, check out my sister’s new blog Maggie Globe Bikes. She mainly writes about bicycles but will post recipes on occasion.


  1. I LOVE THIS PHOTO OF WINSTON! Can you send it to me in .jpg or something so I can print it out?

    And, with that, I’m sad that you are taking a break, but I know the feeling of needing that. I’ll miss checking the blog but will just have to do what is better is chat you on gchat or the phone.

    We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house and many of our recipes are tried and true Hazelgini standbys. We’ll be sure to share the info so we can have a North vs South comparison.

  2. Hey! I’ll email it to you when I’m home. I think thats where I have it stored. How crazy is the W? We won’t be doing the typical turkey day meal but we will have lots of photos and recipes to share. I think it will be worth the wait. Miss you guys!

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